Greystone Chiropractic has a breast thermography lab in house. We have a female certified clinical thermographic technician who is trained to take all of the necessary pictures that will be read by a thermography-certified MD Thermologist. They will then send a full report on your scan with all recommendations.

Breast Thermography is a state-of-the-art screening procedure to aid in the early detection of irregularities in breast tissue. Breast tumors can take up to 10 years to develop, and thermography can detect abnormalities much earlier than mammography and ultrasound. Earlier detection means earlier and potentially more effective treatment. Since thermography can detect very early stages of cancer growth, patients can make lifestyle changes years before a devastating condition develops.

Breast Thermography

Thermography - An Important Screening for Breast Cancer

Breast thermography should not be considered as an alternative to mammograms, but as an adjunct examination that should be part of every woman's regular breast health regimen. Women of all ages should use a combination of techniques - including breast self-examinations, physical examinations by a physician, thermography, mammography and sometimes ultrasound or MRI examinations if needed - to ensure the earliest detection possible. Thermography can often point out the need for more intensive examination to make a complete diagnosis.

We utilize a Board Certified Medical Thermologist to read and interprets all of our thermal images at Greystone Chiropractic.

Breast Thermography Special Prices

New Patient Breast Scans: $247
Existing patient breast rescans: $197

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